Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Wont Find These Staples at OfficeMax

I have not yet taken any pictures of spectacular outfits. I've seen some but haven't had a camera. Soooo i decided i'd show y'all some of my favorite fashion needs and wants, dos and don'ts, and over all some pretty neat stuff I think you guys will really like.

The Vest.

A vest is perfect for any type of outfit. Dress it up or dress it down: you're bound to look good. It's the perfect piece to bring a look together, especially if you are in a rush. Just throw on a vest, there you go!

The Tie.
A tie is of course the piece every guy has to have when wearing a suit, however, the tie has made a move from the business meeting or fancy dinner to the night out with friends. The tie, if done right will go from hangin out with only the slacks and dress shoes, to your jeans and sneakers. Do it right and you'll look like a guy who considers looking good to be more than just a polo and jeans day in and day out.

The Scarf.
A scarf is what you wear to keep your neck and face warm during the winter right? Well yeah, but who said it can only be worn in the winter with coats and gloves? No one said that. It's always been an unspoken rule to only wear a scarf in the winter, but its time to break that rule and pair a scarf with a tee for a cool spring look.

The Pea Coat.

If there is one item of clothing any fashionable man must have in his winter wardobe it's the pea coat. It is a staple for any winter outfit. Not only do they keep you ridiculously warm but they will literally go with anything you put on.

The Boat Shoe.

Boat shoes are a staple for any preppy guys wardrobe. I personally have two pairs, and Sperry is my brand of choice. Put 'em with some shorts and a polo and you're good to go.

The Polo.

The polo is as classic and as versatile as it gets. Every guy has at least one. It will go with just about any look from preppy to hip-hop, and from vintage to punk.

The Canvas Sneaker.

A simple canvas sneaker is the perfect finsishing touch to any outfit. Be it skinny jeans or shorts, dress slacks or khakis they will work for ya. Vans is my personal favorite brand. The fact that there are so many different colors and styles means you can find the right sneaker for any occasion.


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